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Blackmore Morris dance Cotswold Morris, mostly around our home area, which is broadly the triangle between Brentwood, Ongar and Chelmsford in Essex. Traditionally we have danced out most Wednesday evenings from May to September at a range of pubs around the area, as well as other events during the season.

Blackmore have frequently ventured further afield. After our first day-trip to Boulogne in 1986 our foreign visits in recent years have included Portugal, Hungary, Latvia, Austria, Slovakia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Estonia.

1st January 2024. Blackmore Morris and friends dancing in Blackmore:


Remembering Absent Friends

In our fifty-plus year history, it is inevitable that we have lost some good friends along the way. As a tribute to them, we've created a page with a few photos taken over the years: Absent friends...



In September 2019 we visited Trieste, entertaining the locals.

Here's a view of the team in action:

- You can find lots more pictures from previous years in our Photo Gallery pages: Photo Gallery...

We would love to receive copies of any photos you may have taken of us over the years, so please send an email to to let us know what you've got. We're especially interested in more pictures from the early years for our Archive. We've gained a few recently, with grateful thanks to the contributors.

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